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In today’s global marketplace, how do you effectively and emotionally connect with patients, families and healthcare professionals?… Share powerful stories and compelling content.

The WritePage is an on-demand content resource for health, medical and healthcare organizations with writing, marketing and communication needs. As a professional writer with 13 years of writing experience, Sheryl Imhoff knows how to research topics, interview subject matter experts, and customize content for targeted audiences.

Sheryl can:hopphoto

  • Create adaptable SEO content for digital platforms
  • Provide content strategy
  • Connect the dots between business, brand and benefits
  • Work effectively with digital content teams
  • Edit, refresh and repurpose existing content
  • Serve as a project manager
  • Mentor and train other writers

Delivering the right content and the best experience to your audience builds your brand and produces long-term benefits. Well-crafted content is most effective when it is woven into all of your communications – from marketing collateral and web content, to corporate communications and mobile messaging.

Why Choose The WritePage?

To ensure the success of a project, Sheryl believes in the importance of “up front” work with the client. This includes discussions to clearly define the objectives of the project and the work to be performed. She has found that investing in this process benefits all parties saving time, money and rework.

If you find writing projects challenging or time-consuming, Sheryl can be an invaluable partner by:
  • Offering quality, flexibility, and on-time delivery
  • Completing projects when your deadline is tight
  • Being an on-demand resource when your work load is overwhelming
  • Stepping in when you and your staff don’t have time to write
  • Breathing new life into stale copy
  • Creating adaptable content

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